Couchbase Server




The NorthScale supervisor server

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-11060 Due Date: 09/Jun/14 Build and test 3.0 for 32-bit Windows
  • Improvement MB-4030 enable traffic for for ready nodes even if not all nodes are up/healthy/ready (aka partial janitor) (was: After two nodes crashed, curr_items remained 0 after warmup for extended period of time)
  • Improvement MB-9415 auto-failover in seconds - (reduced from minimum 30 seconds)

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-7965 Yesterday 5:07 PM bucket-flush takes over 8 seconds to complete on an empty bucket
  • Task MB-8668 Yesterday 5:07 PM Separate CPU hungry pieces (xdcr and/or views) out of ns_server erlang VM
  • Task MB-8872 Yesterday 5:07 PM a number of capi REST API endpoints are not secured

Versions: Unreleased

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