Couchbase Java Client




Version 1.4.5 (Bugfix Release for 1.4 Series)

  • Due:02/Sep/14

Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement JCBC-483 Add INFO level log of client version to startup
  • Bug JCBC-504 Couchbase hangs during tomcat shutdown
  • Improvement JCBC-507 Provide compatibility with 3.0 spatial views

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug JCBC-478 Last Friday 6:51 AM Docs: Deferred view deployment instruction does not work
  • Bug JCBC-545 Updated: Last Monday 3:05 PM Couchbase Connection leaks to a single node in the cluster
  • Improvement JCBC-531 26/Aug/14 Expose Diagnostics and debug dump them on startup