Couchbase Java Client




Placeholder version for tickets not scheduled for a specific release.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JCBC-89 re-enable optimization after error handling in binary optimized sets is fixed in dependent spymemcached
  • Improvement JCBC-258 documentation needs to be much clearer about Query.setKey() requiring JSON encoded strings or use of ComplexKey
  • Bug JCBC-269 subsequent resubscribers should not run if a resubscriber is successful

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task JCBC-437 Today 2:24 AM implement JSR-107 Java Temporary Caching API
  • New Feature JCBC-501 Last Tuesday 5:37 AM Implement Support for DCP
  • Bug JCBC-440 09/Jul/14 Inconsistent result of paginated query.