Couchbase Server Use Cases

Couchbase Server supports numerous use cases for interactive applications. Take a look at the scenarios below to see a few examples of how we solve real problems for Couchbase customers and users.

Couchbase Server in Social and Mobile Gaming

Couchbase Server is proven in many of the most popular social and mobile games. With consistent high performance, easy scalability, and “always-on” capabilities, Couchbase helps ensure optimal player experience and retention, even when a game goes viral.

Couchbase NoSQL database technology enables Playtika to provide an excellent experience for millions of daily users, and retain and grow our active user base.

Couchbase Server in Ad Targeting

Choosing the right database is critical to ensure fast access to the data needed to optimize decisions about real-time ad placement. With its sub-millisecond latency and consistent high performance, Couchbase Server helps increase the effectiveness of ad platforms.

Couchbase was the only product in the marketplace that met AOL’s stringent performance requirements.

Couchbase Server for Content and Metadata Stores

Whether you're building an online publication, a product catalog, or a third-party data aggregation app, a NoSQL document database is a great match for your platform. With full-text search, real-time analytics, and indexing and querying, you can build richer and more powerful customized content apps.

As a document database, Couchbase Server provides a flexible data model on which we can develop content-rich, highly dynamic applications.

Couchbase Server as Memcached Tier Replacement

Memcached is great, but its drawbacks include problems like cold cache, heavy contention of RDBMS resources and lack of scale-out flexibility. Couchbase Server NoSQL database technology can be used as a drop-in replacement for your memcached tier to address these challenges.

Deploying Couchbase solutions gives Concur greater scalability and blazing performance.