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  • Octobre 9, 2014
    Virtual Strategy Couchbase and Xamarin Announce General Availability of Couchbase Lite for .NET

    Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, and Xamarin, the company that empowers developers to build fully native mobile apps across all major platforms, today announced general availability of the jointly developed Couchbase Lite for .NET. Couchbase Lite is the world’s first and only full featured, flexible, embedded, JSON database that runs locally on the device and is built from the ground up for mobile devices.

  • Octobre 7, 2014
    Wall Street PR Wipro Limited (ADR)(NYSE:WIT) And Couchbase Enter Into Strategic Partnership To Bring NoSQL to Enterprises

    According to reports, Wipro Limited (ADR)(NYSE:WIT) and Couchbase have decided to form a strategic partnership in order to bring high-performance NoSQL to enterprises. As per the information, Couchbase has announced a reseller agreement and global system integrator with WIT.

  • Octobre 6, 2014
    Info World Couchbase readies next-generation NoSQL storage engine

    Couchbase, creator of a commercial variant of the NoSQL CouchDB database, has earned praise for giving MongoDB -- and CouchDB -- stiff competition. But Couchbase isn't resting on its laurels, so the new Couchbase Server 3.0 sports two major new features -- and one preview of an upcoming feature -- designed to improve performance and make Couchbase a more attractive NoSQL solution.

  • Octobre 6, 2014
    CMS Wire Couchbase Claims It'll Lead the NoSQL Market by 2015

    Don’t tell Oracle's Larry Ellison, but NoSQL databases are the future of the enterprise. Yesterday’s databases weren’t built to handle today’s avalanches of data streaming from social, mobile, web transactions, the Internet of Things and God knows what’s next.

  • Octobre 2, 2014
    GigaOM Couchbase replaces its storage engine with homegrown ForestDB

    NoSQL vendor Couchbase has built a data store called ForestDB that will underpin future versions of the company’s database offerings, and the company says it’s faster than the Google-built LevelDB or the Facebook-built RocksDB. ForestDB is open source and currently in beta mode, which means it won’t be included in the 3.0 version of the company’s flagship Couchbase Server slated to be released next week at its annual user conference.

  • Octobre 1, 2014
    Telerik Powerful NoSQL JSON Database Support in Your Hybrid Apps with the Couchbase Lite Verified Cordova Plugin

    Modern applications demand more out of their backend databases. For example, today a small application can easily scale to a million users and require a flexible data model. NoSQL has been the solution developers have turned to when they need to address these Big Data requirements.

  • Septembre 22, 2014
    Dr. Dobbs Couchbase's NoSQL Spring Investment Plan

    Couchbase has released Spring Data Couchbase Integration, a move heralded as a continuation of the NoSQL database company's investment in the integration of Couchbase Server into the Spring ecosystem.

  • Septembre 20, 2014
    DZone - NoSQL Zone Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.0 Beta 2

    Shortly after the first beta release, I'm very happy to announce the second beta release of the Java/JVM SDK release train nicknamed Armstrong. It contains both the core package "core-io" 1.0.0-beta2 as well as the Java SDK 2.0.0-beta2.

  • Septembre 10, 2014
    ADT Mag Couchbase Server Integrated with Spring Framework Targets Java Developers

    Couchbase this week announced the integration of its Couchbase Server NoSQL document database with the Spring Framework. The resulting Spring Data Couchbase provides Java developers with "a familiar and consistent programming model" for building JVM-based systems and applications that run on the company's database, the company said.

  • Septembre 4, 2014
    DZone - NoSQL Zone Couchbase .NET SDK 1.3.9 Released!

    Today we released a very minor version 1.3.9 of the Couchbase .NET SDK with a single patch. With the .NET SDK 2.0 Beta just around the corner, priorities have shifted to 2.0 development and specifically: stamping out major bugs, documentation and the new example applications.

  • Septembre 2, 2014
    Business Wire Mirror Image Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading NoSQL Company Couchbase for Global Delivery of Synchronized Data

    Mirror Image®, the leading provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Couchbase, a provider of the world’s most complete, most scalable and best performing NoSQL database. The two companies will collaborate and market a combined service that includes Mirror Image’s Geo-Distributed Database and Couchbase Inc.’s Couchbase Server. This agreement represents a commitment by both companies to continue expanding the value of their customer relationships through enhanced offerings and targeted solutions.

  • Septembre 2, 2014
    DZone - NoSQL Zone Updates to Couchbase Mobile with 1.0.2

    Hi Couchbase Mobile users, since our 1.0.0 release we've been make gradual pushes of bug fixes and performance optimizations to the public. Our latest efforts in addressing the feedback we received for 1.0.0 was made this week with the release of 1.0.2 packages for Couchbase Lite iOS and Android, as well as a 1.0.2 release for the Sync Gateway.

  • Août 26, 2014
    DZone - NoSQL Zone Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.0 Beta 1

    On behalf of the whole SDK team I'm happy to announce the first beta release of the Java/JVM SDK release train nicknamed Armstrong. It contains both the JVM core package "core-io" 1.0.0-beta as well as the Java SDK 2.0.0-beta. This beta release marks a milestone in that we're now locking down the API, only breaking them if absolutely necessary before the GA release. Also, we are releasing the first batch of documentation, which can be found here and also API docs which you can find here.

  • Août 22, 2014
    ZDNet Beefed-up Couchbase Server 3.0 beta targets developers and admins

    Open-source NoSQL firm Couchbase says new features in the Server 3.0 beta released today strengthen the database's core architecture and also make life easier for developers and admins. The company is justifying its description of Couchbase Server 3.0 beta as the most significant release of the document-oriented database to date by pointing to the addition of on-the-fly tunable memory and the stream-based Database Change Protocol, or DCP, designed to cut latency.

  • Août 20, 2014
    DZone - NoSQL Zone Couchbase Node.JS SDK 2.0.0 - beta Released!

    We’ve just released a shiney new version of our Node.js SDK, now in Beta. This release reflects a significant amount of change from our previous SDK releases, including a brand new API which should be far easier to get started with and use, better documentation and numerous performance enhancements through our related project, libcouchbase.

  • Août 19, 2014
    Database Trends and Applications New Cloud Deployment Partners Expand the Couchbase Ecosystem

    Expanding its ecosystem, NoSQL database provider Couchbase has formalized its partnershhips with Cloudsoft, Cumulogic and Elasticbox. The new partnerships are aimed at giving customers the option to deploy Couchbase Server to public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. With these new partners, customers can now automate the process of provisioning Couchbase Server to Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud, VMware, OpenStack, and others.

  • Août 19, 2014
    IBM Couchbase and ElasticBox Partner to Bring Real Time Collaboration and Delivery to the Most Complete NoSQL Database to Date

    Today, ElasticBox, the company that enables IT as a service (ITaaS) capabilities like real time collaboration and the delivery of applications for enterprise companies, announced a new partnership with Couchbase, provider of the most complete NoSQL database to date. Together, the two companies have created Couchbase Server and Couchbase Sync Gateway Boxes for ElasticBox, allowing ElasticBox users to quickly deploy and run web and mobile applications powered by Couchbase technology in the cloud, bringing ElasticBoxs unique collaboration and management features to the only enterprise-grade NoSQL database on the market today.

  • Juillet 29, 2014
    Application Development Trends Couchbase Releases Second Java SDK 2.0 Developer Preview

    Couchbase, the Mountain View, Calif.-based provider of database management systems built with the Apache CouchDB database, has released a second developer preview of the upcoming 2.0 version of its Java/JVM software development kit (SDK). Codenamed "Armstrong," the Couchbase Java SDK preview includes both the JMV core package (core-io 0.2) and the Java SDK 2.9 preview 2.

  • Juillet 23, 2014
    The Wall Street Journal - Market Watch Couchbase Second Quarter Growth Fueled by Release of World's First NoSQL Mobile Database and Competitive Wins over MongoDB and Oracle

    Couchbase, Inc. , provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced continued momentum in Q2 2014, driven by new product releases and major customer wins, as large enterprises choose Couchbase Server, over Oracle and MongoDB, for mission critical applications. Q2 customer deals included wins at some of the world’s most recognized brands, including AT&T, Blizzard Entertainment, BSKYB, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Factset, FICO, Leclerc, Nikkei, Ntelos, Orange, PMU, Symantec, Tesco, Tixr, Unique Vacations, Verizon, and WebMD.

  • Juillet 18, 2014
    Wired A New Digital Currency Whose Value is Based on Your Reputation

    Bitcoin turned money into something completely virtual. Using a worldwide network of machines and the power of pure mathematics, it put currency in the hands of computer programmers, free from the rules and regulations of big government and big banks. But J. Chris Anderson wants to do something even more radical.

    Anderson is starting a new digital currency project tentatively dubbed Document Coin. It’s a bit of an odd duck, but it’s intriguing, and Anderson is worth listening to. He’s the co-founder and chief software architect of Couchbase, a kind of new-age database with some serious cred among Silicon Valley developers.

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