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  • Mai 13, 2014
    Business Wire Couchbase Momentum Surges: Couchbase Server Increasingly Chosen by Industry Leaders like Beats Music and Neiman Marcus for Highly Scalable, Mission Critical NoSQL

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced surging momentum in Q1 2014. Among its achievements, the company:

    • Released Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 2.5, adding rack and availability zone awareness as well as data encryption to meet the needs of large enterprises
    • Beat competitors in strategic evaluations by industry leaders in every region of the world for being the most reliable, most scalable and best performing NoSQL database
    • Added well-known technology executives to its leadership team, grew employee base by 30 percent and more than doubled the office space for its Mountain View headquarters
    • Opened new offices in Bangalore, India; Beijing, China; Paris, France; San Francisco; Tel-Aviv, Israel; and Tokyo, Japan.
  • Mai 9, 2014
    Computing UK Big data case studies: travel and business services
    Imagine that you are a travel agent. A customer comes in asking about flights from London Heathrow to Rio de Janeiro on 6 June. Solving this problem, you will probably agree, is not too tricky: simply obtain a list of airlines flying out of Heathrow on that day, check departure and arrival times, prices and availability, look at stopovers and other details and advise the customer accordingly. Job done.
  • Mai 8, 2014
    InfoWorld OpenStack now does NoSQL
    Tesora's plan is to have MongoDB be manageable under Trove as a first-class citizen, allowing instances of both databases to run side by side within OpenStack. As with MySQL, MongoDB is hardly the only NoSQL solution of its kind out there; CouchDB, Riak, and Couchbase all come to mind. But it's next to impossible to go wrong by starting there, given MongoDB's broad adoption as compared to its competitors, not to mention the burgeoning demand for MongoDB expertise.
  • Mai 7, 2014
    Data Center Knowledge GoGrid Attacks 'Commodity Clouds' With Open Orchestration
    GoGrid launched and is sponsoring, a repository for on-demand blueprints to simplify technology rollouts in the cloud, multiple clouds, or on-premise. The new community site fights back against what GoGrid believes is the major threat going forward: commodity clouds. “The Mission of OpenOrchestration.Org is to facilitate and foster orchestration,” GoGrid CEO John Keagy said. “GoGrid is launching and sponsoring the site because orchestrated solutions are a necessary evolution of the marketplace in the face of dominance by one or two large commodity cloud services.
  • Mai 6, 2014
    Business Wire Kirk Bowman Joins Couchbase Inc. Board of Directors as First Independent Director

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced Kirk Bowman has joined its Board of Directors. Bowman, the company’s first independent board member, has extensive experience developing, scaling and managing global sales and business development organizations for leading technology companies. His background in Big Data and databases make him an ideal advisor to foster Couchbase’s continued growth and momentum.

  • Mai 5, 2014
    MarketWired GoGrid Expands Open Data Services Ecosystem With New Partnerships to Offer Simple and Rapid Deployment of Big Data Technologies
    GoGrid, the leader in Open Data Services (ODS), today announced new partnerships with key Big Data technology providers -- Clustrix and Couchbase -- to provide companies with the fastest and easiest way to evaluate and run their applications in the only cloud purpose-built for Big Data. The new partnerships continue to expand the ODS ecosystem GoGrid has built with its initial partnerships with Basho, DataStax, Hortonworks, and MongoDB.
  • April 29, 2014
    Service Rocket Couchbase Launched a Learning Management System in 19 days
    Peter Childers joined Couchbase in January 2014 to lead the new Couchbase Learning Services group. His main goal was to build and grow a profitable enterprise software training business that improves customer adoption and helps Couchbase scale with excellent customer service. He had done this before. Over a seven year period, Pete grew Red Hat’s training and certification program into the world’s largest Linux training business, grossing $60 million per year in revenue. To put Couchbase on a similar track, would require similar skills and strategy.
  • April 14, 2014
    Network World 10 Big Data Startups to Watch
    The Big Data space is heating up – to the point that many pundits already see it as the over-hyped heir to "cloud." The hype may be a bit much, but Big Data is already living up to its potential, transforming entire business lines, such as marketing, pharmaceutical research, and cyber-security. While the space is still fairly new, IDC, for one, sees big things ahead. The research firm predicts that the market for Big Data technologies will reach $32.4 billion by 2017, or about six times the growth rate of the overall information and communication technology market.
  • April 7, 2014
    Diginomica Viber migrates from MongoDB to Couchbase and halves number of AWS servers

    Viber also shows no sviberigns of slowing down. It is currently adding 1 million users to its service every single day and it expects that next year it will need three our four times the infrastructure capacity than it currently has today, which is forcing the company to think about its database requirements in the near future. Although only a few years old, Viber is currently migrating to its third generation database architecture – where it is moving from MongoDB to a NoSQL competitor, Couchbase.

  • April 3, 2014
    Information Age Couchbase Takes on NoSQL skills gap with new training programme

    NoSQL database provider Couchbase has announced a new training programme to address the growing need to develop and expand the NoSQL talent pool. As part of the programme, Couchbase will offer classroom-based courses that will provide multi-day, instructor-led, hands-on training in core NoSQL skills.

  • April 2, 2014
    The Motley Fool Does Big Data Going Mainstream Present a Real Threat to Oracle?

    The battle to take big data mainstream is gaining momentum, with start-ups such as DataStax, Lotame, Hortonworks, Couchbase and Vertica ostensibly looking to upstage legacy providers such as Oracle (NYSE: ORCL ) and SAP (NYSE: SAP ) .

  • März 19, 2014
    Bloomberg Oracle Sales, Profit Miss Estimates on Cloud Competition

    The company is under pressure in its three main businesses, said Brent Thill, an analyst at UBS AG in San Francisco who recommends buying the stock. Microsoft Corp. has gained ground in database software, along with newer companies such as MongoDB Inc. and Couchbase Inc. that are chipping away at more established providers. Other customers are leaving Oracle because they’re putting data in the cloud with vendors like Inc.

  • März 13, 2014
    Barron's Oracle, SAP Threatened by Big Data Startups Lotame, DataStax, Etc., Says Cowen
    Cowen & Co.'s Peter Goldmacher today offers up his finding from meeting with practitioners of Big Data applications, including startups Lotame, Datastax, Couchbase, Hortonworks and Vertica and consultancies Opera Solutions and Mu Sigma, finding that Big Data "is going mainstream more quickly than investors expected."
  • März 12, 2014
    Consumer Electronics KuroBase Releases Complete Heroku Buildpack and New Relic Instrumentation for Couchbase Developers
    Today Silicon Valley-based KuroBase, Inc., the leading provider of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions for Couchbase, announced it has released the first complete Heroku add-on for Couchbase. KuroBase has also released a set of developer tools including Heroku build-packs and New Relic instrumentation.
  • März 12, 2014
    Network World What's better for your big data application, SQL or NoSQL?

    NoSQL is increasingly being considered a viable alternative to relational databases, especially for Big Data applications, as more enterprises recognize that operating at scale is better achieved on clusters of standard, commodity servers.

  • Februar 25, 2014
    Datanami Look Out, Mongo, Here Comes Couchbase
    It's all about winning, Weiderhold says. "Those are big deals for us. That's what we're winning," he said. "We're winning those strategic evaluations. We're doing these big deployments and getting big deals as a result of winning these and that's why we're growing so much faster than MongoDB or Datastax, because we're winning them."
  • Februar 25, 2014
    Information Week IBM Buys Cloudant, Eyes Amazon's Turf
    "If they're going to put a lot of resources behind CouchDB, that's a direct, competitive threat to their relationship with MongoDB," Wiederhold told InformationWeek. "They're buying a very small company that has struggled to keep up, from a NoSQL database technology perspective, with leaders like MongoDB, DataStax, and Couchbase."
  • Februar 25, 2014
    Information Age 'NoSQL is the wave of the future': Bob Wiederhold
    Bob Wiederhold, CEO of open source firm Couchbase, says CIOs should start seeing NoSQL as a technology that will play a 'very strategic' role in their infrastructure.
  • Februar 21, 2014
    Several Nines Viber explains switch from MongoDB to Couchbase
    This growth meant that the old system was not able to keep up. Mr Ish-Shalom explained that while MongoDB performed well when dealing with the tens of thousands of operations per second the firm was initially dealing with, its performance began to drop off as this became hundreds of thousands per second.
  • Februar 21, 2014
    Computing Viber explains why it ditched MongoDB and Redis in favour of Couchbase
    After three years of this breakneck growth Viber started to find that their bespoke Mongo / Redis combination couldn't keep up. While MongoDB was fine for the tens of thousands of operations per second that the firm was undertaking in its earlier days, as the number crept into the hundreds of thousands the performance began to drop off. There was also a scalability problem as the numbers of application servers, each connected to a MongoDB cluster, grew.

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