Couchbase Customers

Companies around the world rely on Couchbase.

Couchbase customers represent a variety of industries, use cases, and geos worldwide – but they have one thing in common. They need easy scalability, consistent high performance, and 24x365 capabilities for their interactive applications. And they chose Couchbase technology to ensure the application responsiveness and zero downtime that will keep their users happy.

  • “Couchbase Server has proven to be a very well-designed solution that’s easy to implement and maintain. It is extremely fast and robust, and we have confidence in Couchbase Server’s ability to support us as we continue to grow our business. I highly recommend giving Couchbase Server a serious look.” – Brandon Metcalf, Senior Systems Administrator, Nami Media

    Read the Nami Media case study.

  • “As the largest real-time health care communications network in the United States, our business is web-driven, and our success is rooted in the IT organization’s ability to connect health insurance companies with health care providers in real-time, without interruption of service. Couchbase Server  gives us the ability to dynamically scale-out the data layer of our web-based application while ensuring high availability, which means we can consistently provide the levels of service our users expect.” - Paul Vienneau, CTO and VP Engineering

  • “NextSlide relies on Couchbase’s NoSQL database technology to ensure the scalability and performance of our application. We are experienced users of memcached, so a natural starting point was to configure Couchbase Server in memcached-only mode. This gives us the simplicity and speed of memcached we’re accustomed to, the advantages of GUI-based administration, the security of running commercially backed software, and the flexibility to migrate seamlesssly from data caching to a persistent data layer as our needs evolve in the future.” – Stephane LeGay, CTO, NextSlide

  • “Operating Korea’s number one search portal,; the number one children’s portal,; and the number one gaming portal,; NHN collectively serves nearly 70 million unique users. Membase Server will form the foundation of a shared data management infrastructure, supporting application development and production roll-out across divisions and business units. Membase’s multi-tenancy capabilities are particularly important in our environment.”

    – Chang Song, Chief Performance Architect