Couchbase and RightScale

Couchbase Server, the simple, fast, and elastic NoSQL database is easily managed and deployed on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. The Couchbase ServerTemplate allows organizations to:

  • Create massive multi-user web applications which scale-out to maintain high-performance, while using cost-effective commodity servers
  • Quickly prototype and prove-out web applications without purchasing and implementing new IT infrastructure
  • Offload expensive processing from overburdened relational databases and avoid manual sharding of datasets
  • Achieve multi-tenancy, a critical feature for SaaS environments


  • On-demand: Ready at a moment’s notice for on-premise or cloud applications
  • Elastic: NoSQL database infrastructure that expands and contracts with your requirements
  • Affordable: No large upfront costs, pay as you go

About RightScale

RightScale offers a fully automated cloud management platform that enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business critical applications across multiple clouds with complete control and portability. RightScale offers:

  • Cloud-Ready ServerTemplates – get up and running on the cloud fast.
  • Managing Systems, Not Servers – manage groups of servers architected to work together
  • Automation and Orchestration – from auto-scaling to remediation to automatic configuration, achieve a new level of ease in system administration of production deployments.