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Asked 8 months 1 week ago
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Sync Gateway does not import pre-existing documents


I'm trying to configure Sync Gateway to import existing document from my bucket but nothing is happening.
I've downloaded the latest sources for sync gateway from git and compiled an executable for windows.

This is my configuration file:

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Asked 9 months 2 weeks ago
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Sync Gateway for Server to Server Sync

Hello Couchbase team!
I am considering moving my "stock management" application from sql server to Couchbase.
My application is windows based(WPF), and is installed on geologically distributed stores. There are local servers that are synchronized with each other. In my country(...

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Asked 10 months 3 weeks ago
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Manage documents using server-side javascript function

I would like to know if couchbase server, or sync gateway, support server-side execution of custom logic.

I mean, if I can use sync_function (or any javascript function in the server) to edit a new document that is received, before it's stored.


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Asked 10 months 3 weeks ago
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Android - Put/get request


I'm starting with Couchbase. I'm trying to make a put/get request from Android device to server with sync gateway.

I've tried like I make in CouchDB:

HttpClient httpClient = new
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Asked 11 months 3 days ago
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Accessing CB Sync Gateway with Java Client


is it possible to use the Couchbase Java SDK the access the Couchbase Sync Gateway?
The gateway is located in the Couchbase Cloud and I am looking for the best way to access the data from Java.

Thank you