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Asked 7 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 7 months 3 weeks ago

How to change Couchbase Web Console Port ?

Can I know how to change Couchbase Web Console Port?
8091 -> 30000

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Asked 7 months 4 weeks ago

Syncgateway buckets and database

I have an app I'm developing where each user has their own database and I want them to be able to sync across devices. It seems as if buckets and databases should have a one to one relationship (I tried putting two databases I created via the sync-gateway admin api in one bucket and the item...

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Asked 8 months 1 day ago
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This is an admittedly general question, but looking for some advice. We have a three node couchbase 2.1 community cluster. We have big memory nodes and big buckets. Each node is 192GB and our largest bucket is ~130 million keys and takes up about 100GB. We have never successfully failed over...

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Asked 8 months 2 days ago
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Cannot retrieve values from memcached bucket, neither from Rest nor Java api

In couchbase buckets, you just need to send a get request like this:


and the value is returned.

I have a memcached value, and even though i have the keys, i cannot extract any values. When in "COUCHBASE_BUCKET" i put the...

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Asked 8 months 2 days ago

Including document key inside document?


I intend to use automatic Java Pojo to json convertion and the other way round, with Jackson.
I'm trying to define my documents, client api and java pojo's so that with as less coding as possible, my Java pojo get's converted to json to inter-act with my clients and to couchbase...

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Asked 8 months 3 days ago
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How does stale query work?


Sorry, I know the documentation is very clear about how stale=ok should work. But, I am not seeing the right behavior.

I am running a _count reduce query with stale set to OK.

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Asked 8 months 4 days ago

Keepalive - connection pooling returns incorrect results from different reduce views

I have a scenario that can be recreated with the java client, and at the moment have worked around this by using a separate httpclient to query views.

The scenario I've seen is as follows.

I have multiple views in the couchbase bucket.

Note that when fetching views in both...

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Asked 8 months 5 days ago

functionality inside Reduce function!

Hi there,

I'm trying to write a Reduce function that does some operations on the values retrieved from MAP function.
For this I need to loop through the values and add some characters in between the results, something like:

function (keys,values){
var ss='[';

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Asked 8 months 5 days ago
Latest activity 7 months 3 weeks ago

How to get a value, from bucket, using the REST API

Can someone provide an example, of how someone using a REST tool, for example Rest console, of postman, could retrieve a value stored in a bucket, by providing key,bucket credentials,or/and server credentials?
thanks in advance

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Asked 8 months 6 days ago
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PageFaults, Connections, and very high level of Network Timeouts!

I have a couchbase installation in development (OSX, PHP libcouchbase, and Couchbase 2.01) which works without any issue but my production instance (Ubuntu, PHP libcouchbase, and Couchbase 2.1.1) is having a LOT of problems and I'm hoping I can get a little help on the following:

  1. ...