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Asked 1 week 6 hours ago

ElasticSearch replication is not working on the specific couchbase node

Hi all

I have 3 couchbase nodes and configures XCDOR with ElasticSearch server. I have 1.2M docs to replicate. Couchbase had successfully replicated until 400K docs (33%), but stopped replicating with errors after that point.

I checked 'dcr_errors.1' log files on all nodes. One...

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Asked 1 week 8 hours ago
Latest activity 1 week 4 hours ago

How to store document which is more than 20Mb size?

how do I store a document which is more than 20Mb size in our case the document size it around 27Mb which is actually a C# object which we are trying to store it in couchbase.

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Asked 1 week 10 hours ago
Latest activity 1 week 3 hours ago

Error: “Could not connect to server within allotted time”

Hey guys:
This error bother me for a long time, and I google it but found nothing valuable.
I got this error "Could not connect to server within allotted time". When it apperas, load of CPU becomes high.
Any help will be appreciated so much.

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Asked 1 week 12 hours ago

Getting 401 response when using Android 4.x


I've been testing Couchbase Lite using the Phonegap plugin and it works fine in Android 2.3 but not in Android 4.

I'm creating a database using the REST API and the first call returns a 401 Unauthorized. I've also tried to execute the TodoLite demo but it fails to launch in all...

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Asked 1 week 18 hours ago

GoLang official support

Documentation is not that good. Not so many examples like in C or PHP...

Would be nice if you support GoLang.

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago

very slow backup

something happend with my database, it's works very slow without load.
I have bucket with only 600 documents. this bucket configured for 700 MB using and currently uses only 35 MB. when I trying backup this bucket it's required a lot of time ~5 minutes. this is really bad result because I...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago

Expected View Behavior When Node Fails

There's plenty of info out there about node failure in couchbase, but I can't find in any of it an explanation on the availability of view indexes when a node is down.

Let's say I have a 3 node cluster. After 1 node goes down and before it is failed over, the documentation says that...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
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Application-Server to Sync-Gateway Replication

Our application server needs to change data particular to a single user (say its score).
That user is running a Couchbase Lite on his device, which syncs against a Sync-Gateway that the application-server now needs to access directly.

Doing it with "Bucket Shadowing" sounds...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago

Couchbase Server time

anyone know what happen with a cluster if I make a time jump to correct the hour on the servers?
Righ now I have 3 nodes and all of them are one hour behind. I would like to run an ntpdate on the 3 servers at the same time and make them jump.

Is it safe? could it bring...

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Asked 1 week 2 days ago

Couchbase 2.2.0 - Count of unique values for specific json field

Also posted here:

I'm trying to figure out a way to count the number of unique values in a bucket that is not a...