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Asked 9 months 2 weeks ago
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Is TouchDB for Android compatible with CouchbaseLite?

Iam a newbie to CouchBase/TouchDB.
We are planning to use CouhbaseLite for our Android client with Couchbase server.
Since CouchbaseLite is in beta and i could not find any product using it, is it a good idea to use TouchDB for Android now and then migrate to Couchbaselite later? Is...

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Asked 10 months 3 weeks ago
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Android - Put/get request


I'm starting with Couchbase. I'm trying to make a put/get request from Android device to server with sync gateway.

I've tried like I make in CouchDB:

HttpClient httpClient = new
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Asked 2 years 7 months ago
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What is Couchbase Mobile?


I want to know more about Couchbase Mobile. Is it some development kit or already built application? I have requirement for syncing my custom data with all devices (windows mobile, android ,iphone etc) and also syncing those with my servers. So does CoucbBase Mobile support such thing...