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Asked 9 months 10 hours ago
Latest activity 7 months 3 weeks ago

Where is the API to CouchDB lite REST API documented ?

If I understood correctly, when you use the CouchDB Lite with Phonegap, you are supposed to use the REST API. Unfortunately, I found nowhere where this API was documented.. Is it the same as the CouchBase Server's ? Can we access it with the jquery.couch.js library ? How can we setup the...

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Asked 9 months 11 hours ago
Latest activity 3 months 2 weeks ago

Performance issue on Windows platform.

I have a performance issue with the latest version of Couchbase server on Windows platform. I tried both community and enterprise editions.
Right after installation I faced with a very high CPU utilization by Couchbase processes - memcached.exe and erl.exe. They take about 80-90...

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Asked 9 months 1 day ago
Latest activity 8 months 4 weeks ago

Storing pdf documents inside couchbase

Hi all, I'd like to integrate an open source ERP system (Adempiere ERP) with couchbase storing invoice informations inside the db and also the corrisponding pdf files.
The pdf files are quite small (about 100kb) and I 'd want to store also the document information (docno, date,...

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Asked 9 months 2 days ago
Latest activity 8 months 4 weeks ago

couchbase getwithlock

I have aquestion regarding locking in couchbase.
In our application we have a service which is continuously processing documents from couchbase based on a status field in the document which is also indexed using the views. we are currently fetching each document with a waiting...

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 9 months 2 days ago

Check and Set

I wrote an application using version 2.0 and node.js couchbase library using the 2.0 c library. In that application I would use the SET command to save the results to the bucket and when viewing the document it would look something like this:

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 8 months 4 weeks ago

[N1QL] Querying against non-JSON values


When using standards MapReduce Views with couchbase, it is possible to run them agains values that are non JSON but integers (that have been set with incr for example)

This doc values can then be used in the reduce function with _sum or _count

Is there any way to do...

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 6 months 2 weeks ago

Using Couchbaseclient.getstats(statsname) to get specific statistics only

Hi there,

I'm trying to collect specific statistics about the execution of couchbase operations and times but yet struggling to find the right function to do this.

The latest thing I tried was Couchbaseclient.getstats() that return about two pages for every server in my cluster but...

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 9 months 3 days ago

How I can retrieve data from Couchbase to iPhone without storing

I'm making social network and want to get info from Couchbase Server without sync function or have a possibility to clear local data in Couchbase Lite.

As you can understand it will grows, any sync rules won't work.

Please, advice how to do temporary data retrieving or how to clear...

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 9 months 3 days ago

Bulk operations on counters

I have a use case where I need to set a lot of counters in batch, and later retrieve them in batch too. I wonder if Couchbase provide batch incr/read on counters?

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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 9 months 3 days ago

connection pool or singleton

I am using a java compute node in websphere message broker.

Each message flowing through the broker gets a new thread. The java compute node executes in its own thread and cannot share anything outside that thread. Even JDBC must go through a configurable service to get a connection to...