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Asked 5 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 5 months 3 weeks ago

Unable to locate node errors in client during rebalance


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!



When a couchbase node is removed or failed over we receive "Unable to locate node" errors on every request/insert until the node finishes rebalancing. These errors are only thrown on...

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Asked 5 months 4 weeks ago

Definition of Key Collation Order


The advice for creating document keys is to create keys that mostly increase as you insert documents. Keys are also collated by a Unicode UTF-8 collation order. As there are many code points in UTF-8, I would like to ensure that the encoding for my keys preserves this property...

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Asked 5 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 5 months 4 weeks ago

Errors in Couchbase Sync Gateway console


quite often I get errors like this in the console:

09:39:14.961195 ←[31mWARNING: Error from Incr in _reserveSequences(1): MCRespons
e status=DELTA_BADVAL, opcode=INCREMENT, opaque=0, msg
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Asked 6 months 11 hours ago
Latest activity 3 weeks 18 hours ago

Indexing never stops.

My Couchbase server appears to be re-indexing forever. While in this state the server is unavailable to my client program, which depends on running queries with stale=false.

The server's logs contains 3 to 4 error messages per second like the following, always referencing the same...

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Asked 6 months 13 hours ago
Latest activity 6 months 29 min ago

ExecuteGet do not return the expected status codes and messages


I am using couchbase server 2.2 + couchbase .Net sdk 1.3.3.

While using ExecuteGet method i sometimes get strange result:
Message="Not found"
Value= a real value instead of null which is what i expected when the key was not found.

Is this...

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Asked 6 months 13 hours ago
Latest activity 3 weeks 6 days ago

Couchbase lite ios with session cookie


I need a bit of help how to run a replication using sync gateway cookie/sessionID.
I'm setting the cookie like this:

[self.replication.headers setValue:value forKey:@"Cookie"];
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Asked 6 months 15 hours ago

Failed to reach erlang port mapper (weired issue)

I am trying to add a new server to an existing cluster. I am using community version 2.1.1 on both ubuntu servers on windows azure. I tried to add new server via web interface and via command line. But i am getting following error.

"Failed to reach erlang port mapper....
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Asked 6 months 23 hours ago
Latest activity 6 months 27 min ago

Couchbase.Aspnet session provider request timeout

I use Couchbase.AspNet as state provider.
My config file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


In my code use Session["Test"] = "Couch is cool" and get the value Session["Test"].
But the page cannot loaded, error is...

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Asked 6 months 1 day ago

Why there are lots of reading operations to disk when load data using YCSB

I'm a fresh man to Couchbase. I have a question. When I tested the Couchbase using YCSB, I found a phenomenon. At the loading step, there was no reading operations of the disk at the beginning, however, there were lots of reading operations as the loading went on. Why there were so many reading...

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Asked 6 months 1 day ago

Why are there 32bit builds when the minimum requirements are 4GB of memory?

The requirements are a little broad. Obviously, the recommended is 16GB of memory but the minimum can be 4GB and the site says that even for testing 1GB could work.

Then, on the download page I see that most OS builds have a 32bit build.

Would that be just for these "test"...