Where is the API to CouchDB lite REST API documented ?

If I understood correctly, when you use the CouchDB Lite with Phonegap, you are supposed to use the REST API. Unfortunately, I found nowhere where this API was documented.. Is it the same as the CouchBase Server's ? Can we access it with the jquery.couch.js library ? How can we setup the CouchBase lite sync url ?

Seems that the Todolite sample uses the coax library, for communicating in Ajax with CouchBase Lite, but reverse engineering of the sample is not straightforward ...

Thanks for any answer ...

2 Answers

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The REST API is the same as CouchDB's, with a few minor differences. Until we publish our own docs, you can read the CouchDB docs here:


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We're actively working on full documentation for the REST APIs and are looking to release this documentation as part of our Beta 2 release, which is next week.