Using Couchbase memcached in Java

Hi All,
We're planing using the memcached of Couchbase. Accessing the memcached is from Java
What's memcached client do you recommend to use for this?
Are there examples/links of using it with Couchbase?

Thank you in advance,

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Why do you want to use a "memcached client" and not the Couchbase client?
You can use the Couchbase client, this will allow you to have a direct and better access to the cluster. (not intermediary layer)

Once again it is better to use the Couchbase Java client...

So if you *really* need/want use a vanilla Memcached client you can use [url=]spymemcached[/url]. This one has been created and maintained by Couchbase engineers (and it is embedded inside the Couchbase client)