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Asked 5 months 1 day ago

NodeJS Framework

Is there a good NodeJS framework that incorporates Couchbase.

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Asked 5 months 1 day ago

Connection management


Is there any best practice for connection management for couchbase connections? If one of the nodes in the cluster died, how the client get notified and start dipatching requests to other nodes? Also how does data that was in the died server start return from other nodes?


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Asked 5 months 5 days ago

joining across doc types


I have a few different documents:
Category - contains info about a subject area
Channel - created by a user and is associated to a Category
Posts - created by user and associated to a channel

Within the post document I have a score attribute, ie
{ type: "...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 3 days ago

Warmup can't reload data


When I restored data from EBS snapshots to an EC2 instance, the Couchbase UI can't load the data from the disk. I can find all the bitbucket folders in '/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/data'. However, when I goto the 'http://hostname:8091/...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 5 days ago

Net client 1.3.3


When we tried to upgrade from v1.2.9 to v.1.3.3 (after upgrading Couchbase to 2.5) we can't connect to the pools. Log says that the pool can't be initialized.

Reverting back to 1.2.9 and the problems gone.

Is it a known issue? What is the workaround?


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Asked 5 months 1 week ago

Convert bucket from memcached to couchbase

We currently are running Couchbase 1.8.1 with a couple of memcached buckets.

I'm wondering it's possible to convert them from memcached to couchbase without data loss?

We are also upgrading to Couchbase 2.2.0, so was wondering if it was possible as part of the upgrade or with XCDR...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago

Couchbase server for mac OSX 10.9 installation fails

I'm new to couch base, I'm trying to install couch base server in my Mac OSX 10.9, I downloaded the enterprise version for mac, I opened the folder and double clicked on couch base server icon, then nothing happened. I see in the console that a process was created and a new...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago

Update documents Sync Gateway (II)

I'm trying to update documents:
Android Device (REST API(Http PUT Request)) --> Sync Gateway --> Couchbase Server 2.0,

as it says:

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago

Upload synchronizable documents to server


I'm developing a simple android app, and i'm using CouchbaseLite on my phone. I'm following the GrocerySync example, and it works fine. But i have a little problem. I have got some json file, and i want to upload them to the couchbase server. I could do that using cbdocloader, but...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 3 days ago

Sync doc from Couchbase Server to mobile device

We are working with the Couchbase lite phonegap plugin, and creating our app with JavaScript and HTML5.
First, as I know by using PhoneGap Couchbase Lite plugin, the local DB was created on mobile device easily. We can now create the doc and retrieve them on the device. I can also sync the...