Strange behavior with paginated query.

I get a strange behavior with paginated query. While I paginate on the result set, I get duplicates of some documents. I'm doing the following in my code:

// force start indexing of view
ViewResponse respFromReduce = client.query(view, query);
String expectedCountFromScroll = null;
for (ViewRow viewRow : respFromReduce) {
    expectedCountFromScroll = viewRow.getValue();
//disable indexing of view from sdk
Paginator scroll = client.paginatedQuery(view, query, SCROLL_SIZE);
int docsFromScrollCnt = 0;
while (scroll.hasNext()) {
    ViewResponse response =;
    docsFromScrollCnt += response.size();

And I see, that docsFromScrollCnt > expectedCountFromScroll.
I think, that while query Couchbase auto-indexing view, so I decide to disable auto-indexing by set viewUpdateDeamon's parameters. I set updateInterval to value, that greater then querying time, updateMinChanges and replicaUpdateMinChanges to zero.

It's not helped, but I noticed following interesting feature. Count of duplicate documents always equals n*SCROLL_SIZE.

How can I avoid duplicate of document from paginated query?

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