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Asked 1 month 5 hours ago
Latest activity 9 hours 51 min ago

Is the 2.0 developer preview Java client supposed to support CAS values?

I wanted to see what happens when replace fails due to CAS value, so I executed a fast batch of several dozens of replace requests for the same document, but all with the same CAS value.

The expected result was that only the first would succeed, but instead, all replace operations work....

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Asked 1 month 5 hours ago

Data backup from 1.8 version & restore to 2.5

Hi ,
I have two couchbase cluster one is 1.8. version & other is 2.5 version .
I want to take backup of one of the bucket of 1.8 cluster & need to restore in 2.5 cluster.

pls provide me required command to do this

Thanks in advance .

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Asked 1 month 8 hours ago

Error while establishing TCP connection


I'm unable to connect to my remote hosts with couchnode (1.2.4).
My Couchbase version is 2.2.0

Seems like the initialization succeeds:
var db = new couchbase.Connection({host: 'MyIPHere:8091'});...

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Asked 1 month 11 hours ago
Latest activity 9 hours 52 min ago

MemcachedClient throwing InterruptedException during get operation


I am new to the couchbase and recently we have started using cb for caching purposes. We have built client library on top of the couchbase client library. The problem we are seeing is during a async get call for some reason the thread is getting interrupted (see below stacktrace...

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Asked 1 month 23 hours ago

installing couchbase for node js

hi, I am using windows 7 64 bit with python 2.7
I have installed couchbase server for windows 64 bit
and trying to install node.js couchbase module using:
npm install couchbase, its working without errors
but when I run require('chouchbase')
I get the following...

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 month 26 min ago

"returned unparseable data" warning

Hello experts,

I'm getting lots of warnings like this during a big sync:

WARNING CBLRemoteJSONRequest . . .
sync_gateway/_all_docs?include_docs=true returned unparseable data '{"rows":[

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 month 1 min ago

Server CPU usage goes to 100%


We have moved our DB from Sql Server to Couchebase, now we are facing the one problem that our Asp.Net W3WP process takes 98% cpu and application hang,below is server and couche db information.

Application was developed using Asp.Net c#.

Coucbase SDK version : 1.3.0...

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 3 weeks 4 days ago

libcouchbase event loop

Hey guys,

I've been struggling to get my simple C++ wrapper around libcouchbase to work consistently. I'm using libcouchbase-2.3.1_x86_vc11 against a "2.5.1 enterprise edition (build-1083)" server. At the bottom of this post is my example code built with VC11. It just wraps libcouchbase...

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 month 35 min ago

Missing Native Mac OSX dylibs on couchbase-lite-java

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run a pure Java instance of Couchbase Lite Java on Mac OSX, but when open the DB I obtain the following:

Grave: Native: Library not found: /native/osx/x86_64/libCouchbaseLiteJavaNative.dylib

I saw that in couchbase-lite-java-native.jar only linux...

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago

PHP SDK fail to get integer values

I was previously using JAVA, Perl and Erlang SDKs, all worked well.

Now I am trying to build a simple web portal using PHP, but when I try to get the values that are in integer the PHP SDK got this warning:
Couchbase::get(): could not decompress value (bad content)