Report a bug in document editor.

Hi, CB.
I find a bug using document editor in CB web manager(Couchbase server 2.1.0 community).

Transformed below codes to "ZGVsZXRlZHRlc3RDb2RlMg=="


So, I'm looking CB's codes and I finded problem. It just doesn't stringify json data.
Here's are my fix.

# ns_server/priv/public/js/documents.js
# 737c737
<           couchReq('PUT', currentDocUrl, json, function () {
>           couchReq('PUT', currentDocUrl, JSON.stringify(json, null, "  "), function () {

Have a good day.

p.s : We (my team) love CB very very very much!! Thx!

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How this document was inserted?

This is just because the console and server sees this value as a simple String not a JSON document.