Query Example fetching multiple documents matching a attribute value

I have a java application and want to store some pojos in Couchbase and retrieve all the pojos of a certain class by one of the fields in the pojo.

The java class is something like this:

public class RuleDefinition implements Serializable{
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    private Long id;
    private String ruleName;
    private String ruleDescription;
    private String criteriaClauses;
    private String scriptBody;
    private String javaClassPath;
    private String eventKey;
//with all the standard getter's and setters, constructors, etc.

I have persisted in the RDBMS via Hibernate in the past and want to use Couchbase.

I am looking for a Couchbase example to mimic the database SQL

SELECT * FROM RuleDefinition where eventKey like 'myperfectrules'

I can store the individual RuleDefinition pojos in couchbase and retrieve them by the "id" string.

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First of all if you want to query the value inside Couchbase, you need to create an index as document here:

The views, are executed on each value store in the document allowing you to create an index. The easiest way is to use JSON document, so I am inviting your to use a JSON serializer when saving your Java object in Couchbase, then you can create an index for example

function (doc,meta) {
   if (doc.eventKey) {

Then you can query this index in your application for example: ?key="myperfectrules"

I invite you to look at the following article:


Yes got it thanks.