PHP libcouchbase 2.3.0 - Large amount of client timeout errors - How to solve?

We found a huge jump of client side timeout errors with latest php sdk & libcouchbase (2.3.0) by performing a get operation to an existing document on a 6-nodes-couchbase-cluster:


Error: [CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException] "Failed to get a value from server. Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout"

We found 150 errors of that kind within 10 minutes.

We decided to use an older older version of the php sdk & libcouchbase (2.2.0). The errors are gone.

Is there a new version in progress that solves the issues described above?


Would you be able to provide the configuration you are using for the PHP Couchbase extension? Additionally, have you tried using the newest version of the PHP extension with libcouchbase 2.2.0?
Cheers, Brett

Sometimes I have the same problem when set documents "Failed to store value to server: Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout".
My servers uses nginx + php-fpm + php sdk 1.2.1 and libcouchbase 2.3.0
This is my config for php couchbase:
couchbase.compressor = none
couchbase.compression_factor = 1.3
couchbase.compression_threshold = 2000
couchbase.durability_default_poll_interval = 100000
couchbase.durability_default_timeout = 40000000
couchbase.serializer = php
couchbase.view_timeout = 75
couchbase.instance.persistent = On
couchbase.restflush = On
couchbase.config_cache = "/tmp"
couchbase.skip_config_errors_on_connect = Off

Same here.
libcouchbase 2.3.0 was no problem with couchbase-server 2.2.0.
After upgrading couchbase-server to 2.5.1 this issue has came up.

Hey Guys,
Would you be able to describe the characteristics of your workload? Its possible that this would crop up if you were overloading the server with requests, as we would end up timing out trying to get configuration information from the server and dispatching your request. Additionally, there should be an updated libcouchbase released soon which has some bug fixes surrounding 2.5.0 clusters which may help with this.
Cheers, Brett


libcouchbase 2.3.1 resolves this problem almost clear but still making
"Client-Side timeout" error intermittently.

Characteristics of my workload was not very special.
Operating 10 million items with 5 ops/sec by 2 nodes.


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