N1QL and non-default buckets

Have downloaded and implemented N1QL per instructions. I can query the beer-sample and default buckets successfully with cbq. However, when I try to query a new bucket I have created and loaded, I get the "Bucket xxxx does not exist" error.

What have I done wrong?

cbq> select count(*) from beer-sample
"resultset": [
"$1": 7304
"info": [
"caller": "http_response:160",
"code": 100,
"key": "total_rows",
"message": "1"
"caller": "http_response:162",
"code": 101,
"key": "total_elapsed_time",
"message": "1.2151215s"
cbq> select count(*) from trees
"caller": "standard:69",
"cause": "Bucket trees does not exist",
"code": 5000,
"key": "Internal Error",
"message": "Optimizer Error"

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Can you run

SELECT * FROM :system.buckets

and post the results?

Sorry, I tried to post an update earlier and it didn't take. I found the issue: I had entered a password in the Access Control config for the data buckets I created...which is apparently not needed/not valid. Once I blanked out that field, the bucket showed up and was available.