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Asked 11 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 11 months 3 weeks ago

Couchnode installation on windows

Not sure if this question goes anywhere, totally confused on how this "community" thing works. But if this gets seen...

Anyone having problems with compilation errors when doing:

npm install couchbase

with c:couchbase containing the latest libcouchbase?

I am getting...

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Asked 11 months 1 day ago
Latest activity 6 months 1 week ago

What sort of statements can I use in Couchbase?

Hi there,

I'm trying to add some processing to the Map function in Couchbase view, but not sure what syntax or language I can use there. The documentation only explains about "emit" and switch/case statements.

What I'm trying to do specifically is save different records to...

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Asked 10 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 10 months 1 week ago

Specifying ReplicateTo.One in ExecuteStore times out

I have a test cluster using 5 desktop machines running 2.2 enterprise, I have the replication factor set to 1 for the default bucket.

I can do normal stores and everything appears fine, but when I try to set the durability of ExecuteStore to ReplicateTo.One, I get a timeout error after 60...

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Asked 8 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 8 months 1 week ago

xdcr and persistence blocked each other

We have a very heavy write once a day which lasts for 1-2 hours and no more write again. It is found that xdcr didn't finish. In fact, persisting to disk can not get completed before I deleted xdcr (about 6hours). When xdcr is deleted, disk write queue grows from 800k to 20M quickly and then...

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Asked 7 months 3 weeks ago
Latest activity 6 months 4 weeks ago

Multi-threaded performance

We have a .net multithreaded client app accessing a single memcache bucket on Couchbase 2.2. Performance does not scale well above 16 threads. The client machine is a 24 (physical) core server with 16gb RAM. The couchbase server has 384gb RAM and 8 physical CPUs. CPU and network utilization...

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Asked 7 months 2 weeks ago

Issue with Couchbase installation Need urgent help: Warning: Fake start-stop-daemon called, doing nothing * Failed to start couchbase-server: timed out dpkg: error processing couchbase-server (--install):

I am trying to see to install couchbase as part of building an openstack image.
and I get the following errors when dpkg is run
My system details :

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Asked 7 months 2 weeks ago
Latest activity 7 months 1 week ago

Connection to multiple nodes


I tried the following code;

var db = new couchbase.Connection({
host: ["<host1>:8091","<host2>:8091"]

Now, if I shut down host1, than I get a connection. If I shut down host2, than the...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 6 days ago

why "lcb_flush" function return an error "Not supported"?

use "lcb_flush" to remove all data of a Couchbase bucket , return an error "Not supported", but it goes well in a Memcached bucket .

can some one tell me why , or is there something should be set?

libcouchbase version:
platform : CentOS release 6.2 (...

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Asked 2 weeks 2 days ago
Latest activity 2 days 14 hours ago

Couchbase with Wamp server

I don't know where to post it but I hope this saves somebody the trouble of figuring on his own:
Just woudl like to add some indications to get Wamp working with Couchbase.

The couchbase php client for windows fails silently without any indication what might be wrong when trying to...

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Asked 1 day 11 hours ago

Can we rely on cache event notification?

Can we rely on cache event notification e.g. do smth in external system, register/de-register?