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Asked 9 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 7 months 1 week ago

change email body of couchbase alerts

Is it possible to change the body of the email alerts send out by couchbase? The reason for asking is to setup an sms alert system whereby the couchbase server can alert me via sms to any issues. We have an sms alerting system running but it depends on the body of the SMS.

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Asked 3 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 5 days ago

getAndLock for node library?

In previous versions of the node library, getAndLock() was implemented.... why was it removed?

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Asked 3 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 3 months 4 weeks ago

Privileges of Read-Only user.

Will any changes in user privileges? Specifically interested in the following: there will be a type of Read-Only user that will be able to watch documents, and if so, when?

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Asked 8 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 6 months 1 week ago

How to get a request fail reason?

Hi everyone!

Sometimes we call ExecuteGetJson<T> method which returns result object with Success property set to false.

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Asked 5 months 3 weeks ago

Saving cluster statistics through an upgrade

we are planning a migration from 1.7.2 to 1.8.1 to 2.2. So far, we have seen that on an upgrade, all historical statistics (number of keys, number of writes/sec, etc.) are lost. It is valuable for us to keep this historical data for analysis, is there any way we can keep it somehow...

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Asked 3 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 2 months 3 weeks ago

How to get a value, from bucket, using the REST API

Can someone provide an example, of how someone using a REST tool, for example Rest console, of postman, could retrieve a value stored in a bucket, by providing key,bucket credentials,or/and server credentials?
thanks in advance

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Asked 3 months 6 hours ago
Latest activity 2 months 3 weeks ago

Cannot retrieve values from memcached bucket, neither from Rest nor Java api

In couchbase buckets, you just need to send a get request like this:


and the value is returned.

I have a memcached value, and even though i have the keys, i cannot extract any values. When in "COUCHBASE_BUCKET" i put the...

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Asked 3 months 2 weeks ago

Connection NOT persisting.

When connecting to my couchbase cluster I seem to be able to make request successfully for a few minutes and then all request begin to fail with the following:

getMulti Error:
{ [Error: At least one of your operations failed, check the results object for more information.] code:...

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Asked 4 months 5 days ago
Latest activity 4 months 5 days ago

How to store a JSON file in to CouchBase server by using java as client?


Basically I want to store one JSON file which contains json data into couch base server by using java clinet?
Some one can help me out in this regard.

Thanks in advance

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Asked 3 months 3 weeks ago
Latest activity 2 months 4 weeks ago

Can i return the key along in the body of a get or getbulk using he java sdk

Hi i am able to successfully retrieve results from the database. one of my requirements however is to return the key along in the body of the results is there a way to achieve the above without having to process each record after retrieval?