Memcache Bucket Slab Reassign

Is there any plan to support 'slab-reassign' like memcached-1.4.11 or later?

I had a issue with long-team running memcache bucket.
We had used it for session store. Most of values size were 80KB~200KB. So about 50% of pages were assigned to such size of slab class. But recently we succeeded to reduce the size of session.
However all allocated memory has already assigned as a slab.
So the bucket cannot prepare enough memory pages for smaller size sessions.
Finally just only 20% of memory was used for those data.
Then it was not enough. So memcache bucket evicts 800 data / min.

Recent Memcached has a 'slab-reassign' function for these cases.
Could you implement the similar function on Couchbase memcache bucket?

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Couchbase has not implemented this feature in its Memcached bucket.

AFAIK this is not something planned. However, I have created the following enhancement request that you can follow: