Increasing bucket usage size

I'm very new to couchbase and am trying to create a big mass of data, so I can perform some tests using views and N1QL. What I need is a mass of around 1 million documents but couchbase simple stops when to total of documents reaches about 10 thousand documents. The only conclusion I could come up with was that the disk space was too few, even though there are still 24.2 GB free on disk.

Here are my bucket looks like:

Cache Size:
Cluster quota (1024 MB)
Other Buckets (0 B)
This Bucket (1024 MB) Free (0 B)
Dynamic RAM Quota: 1024MB

Storage Size:

Persistence Enabled: Yes
Other Data (49 GB)
Total Cluster Storage (73.2 GB)
Other Buckets (0 B)
This Bucket (64.5 MB) Free (24.2 GB)
Disk Usage: 64.5MB
Data Usage: 64.5MB

Bucket details:

Bucket Name: default
Nodes: 1
Item Count: 10001
Ops/sec: 0
Disk Fetches/sec: 0
RAM/Quota Usage: 32.2MB/1024MB
Data/Disk Usage: 64.5MB /64.5MB

How can I configure couchbase, or the bucket so I can use more than these 64.5MB?


What do you mean by "Couchbase stops"?

I do not see any reason why you database cannot save the million of documents.
Do you have any error coming back from your server? (which SDK are you using?)
Can you share the code you are using to inject document with us?


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Any news on this?
Have you solved you problem?