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Asked 3 weeks 4 days ago
Latest activity 23 hours 34 min ago

How to create a new DB user for CB Server 2.0?

Question: How can I create a new DB user for my SDK app to use to connect to the CB Server 2.0 db?

Related question: Am I right about why I need to do this, that there was a policy change where now a non-admin account is needed by the SDK to access the DB?

Background: I am...

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Asked 3 weeks 6 days ago

Building views (indexing) while syncing data


The app I'm writing takes a long time syncing the docs from the Sync Gateway, and it also takes a long time building the views.

Is it possible to run the two processes in parallel? What needs to be done for it?

Thanks in advance


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Asked 3 weeks 6 days ago

how can I change the hash algorithm to control the end vbucket of a document?

how can I change the hash algorithm to control the end vbucket of a document?
I want to be able to store all user documents in the same vbucket.
thank you.

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Asked 4 weeks 2 hours ago

Couchbase Sync Gateway Shadowing


Were using the Couchbase Sync Gateway shadowing funcitonality.
When uploading about 14,000 records to the main bucket - it takes an enormous amount of time for the Sync Gateway to update (more than 1 sec per doc)

Can someone please elaborate on what performace factors the...

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Asked 4 weeks 4 hours ago

ExecuteGet do not return the updated value from couchbase server


We use couchbase server 2.2.0 in our production application.

In the last couple of month , when we ExecuteGet on a value, we get the previous value instead of the updated one.

Example scenario (all the actions are synchronized):
UserBalance_12345 is 500.


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Asked 4 weeks 4 hours ago

Is the 2.0 developer preview Java client supposed to support CAS values?

I wanted to see what happens when replace fails due to CAS value, so I executed a fast batch of several dozens of replace requests for the same document, but all with the same CAS value.

The expected result was that only the first would succeed, but instead, all replace operations work....

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Asked 4 weeks 4 hours ago

Data backup from 1.8 version & restore to 2.5

Hi ,
I have two couchbase cluster one is 1.8. version & other is 2.5 version .
I want to take backup of one of the bucket of 1.8 cluster & need to restore in 2.5 cluster.

pls provide me required command to do this

Thanks in advance .

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Asked 4 weeks 8 hours ago

Error while establishing TCP connection


I'm unable to connect to my remote hosts with couchnode (1.2.4).
My Couchbase version is 2.2.0

Seems like the initialization succeeds:
var db = new couchbase.Connection({host: 'MyIPHere:8091'});...

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Asked 4 weeks 10 hours ago

MemcachedClient throwing InterruptedException during get operation


I am new to the couchbase and recently we have started using cb for caching purposes. We have built client library on top of the couchbase client library. The problem we are seeing is during a async get call for some reason the thread is getting interrupted (see below stacktrace...

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Asked 4 weeks 23 hours ago

installing couchbase for node js

hi, I am using windows 7 64 bit with python 2.7
I have installed couchbase server for windows 64 bit
and trying to install node.js couchbase module using:
npm install couchbase, its working without errors
but when I run require('chouchbase')
I get the following...