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I'm working on a Couchbase admin tool to do actions on nodes and/or multiple clusters.

It would be great to get some input on it and some design ideas. Its only really just a single html page right now with some jquery. I was thinking about eventually rewriting it in Ember.js.

I dont want to replace the already great admin interface... I just want to be able to do bulk actions on nodes and clusters.

I was going to have couchdb as may data store. I wanted it so that an admin can spin up a micro AWS instance and install apache and couchdb and open port 8091 to the instances.

Which back end for session management?

What should go in the columns?
I want to make it easy and not be to full of data.

Restart / stop CB?
I was thinking mayby node.js on the nodes to do the CLI

I was going to have a 1 minute cron that gets a view of the current jobs to be done by getting all the {"documentType":"jobs", "status":"active","execute":"time or times here","servers":[""],"job":"Compact"}.

So take some screen shots of feature you would like to have or improvements.


On the fence. Google Golang or ZeroMQ to do admin curl requests. For people who would like to use the tool do you have any preference?
Thank you

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Thanks for this HouseHippo, as usual you have good ideas.

If you want you can write a small technical article we can promote it using our Blog/Community Portal.