Error in the doc regarding max "XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold" ?

Is this me or there could be an error in the documentation regarding the max size in Bytes the XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold can be ?

The Doc states :

"XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold. This will improve latency for XDCR.

This is document size in bytes. 0 to 2097152 Bytes (20MB). Default is 256 Bytes. XDCR will get metadata for documents larger than this size on a single time before replicating the document to a destination cluster. For background information, see ‘Optimistic Replication’ in XDCR"

2097152 Bytes = 2MB
20971520 Bytes = 20MB

What is the real Max ?
2MB or 20 MB ?




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Hello Xavier,

The max value is 20MB, you found a typo in the documentation that is now captured here: