CouchbaseConnectionFactory.updateStoredBaseList hard-coded administration port

Dear all,

I've noticed there is a "8091" hard-coded in CouchbaseConnectionFactory.updateStoredBaseList(Config). I have started a server on a remote host on port 10091 and I cannot make it work due to this piece of code:

    List<String> bucketServers = config.getServers();
    if (bucketServers.size() > 0) {
      List<URI> newList = new ArrayList<URI>();
      for (String bucketServer : bucketServers) {
        String hostname = bucketServer.split(":")[0];
        try {
          newList.add(new URI("http://" + hostname + ":8091/pools"));
        } catch(URISyntaxException ex) {
          getLogger().warn("Could not add node to updated bucket list because "
            + "of a parsing exception.");
          getLogger().debug("Could not parse list because: " + ex);

Am I doing anything wrong? Is this a bug?



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