Couchbase on Solaris

Are there any plans for Server and Sync Gateway versions for Solaris OS? Thank you!

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I've written a few blog posts earlier about how to build and run Couchbase on SmartOS: and is the most recent ones. By using those as a base you should be able to get it running on Solaris as well (SmartOS is based on what used to be OpenSolaris).

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Today this is not something that we have on our roadmap; mainly because we almost never had this request. As you know certifying a new OS is quite expensive for a software editor.

Do you plan to work with a Community Edition or Enterprise Edition (support)

Also this is not because Couchbase company does not provide a Solaris package that you cannot build it yourself from sources. You can find some information here: (linux but you can extend that to Solaris)

In addition the SyncGateway is based on Go Language ( ) as far as I know Go language is not yet supported/available on Solaris

Anyway can you a cluster on Linux? this will be the easiest way :)