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Asked 2 months 3 weeks ago

PHP Fatal error

I have installed couchbase with the latest version of CentOS, and I built the library from sources without incident.

I have manually added the, and to my /etc/php.ini
When I run couchbase php scripts from the command line they work as...

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Asked 3 months 5 hours ago

Couchbase PHP SDK increment - expiry doesn't renew

I've discovered that when using the couchbase php sdk, while calling increment() with a flag to create if not exist works just fine and the expiry is respected in this case -- if I subsequently call increment() in this key which now exists, the expiry doesn't get renewed with the...

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Asked 4 months 19 hours ago

Can someone answer this question

I'm having the same issue and can't find any solution

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Asked 4 months 6 days ago
Latest activity 3 months 1 week ago

PHP libcouchbase 2.3.0 - Large amount of client timeout errors - How to solve?

We found a huge jump of client side timeout errors with latest php sdk & libcouchbase (2.3.0) by performing a get operation to an existing document on a 6-nodes-couchbase-cluster:


Error: [CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException] "Failed to get a...

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 5 days ago

key dump - buckets 101

PHP API - how to fetch key-dump from memcached buckets?

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 5 months 1 week ago

Increment operation error: Failed to increment value in the server: Not a number

Couchbase Server 2.5.0
PHP SDK version 1.2

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Asked 5 months 2 weeks ago
Latest activity 5 months 13 hours ago

Cannot install PHP SDK error "make: *** [replica.lo] Error 1"

Hi all,
I'm using ubuntu 10.04 apache 2.4.4 php 5.5.0.
I'm getting this error when install php sdk, detail:
-DHAVE_CONFIG_H -g -O2 -c /tmp/pear/temp/couchbase/replica.c -o replica.lo
cc -I. -I/tmp/pear/temp/couchbase -DPHP_ATOM_INC -I/tmp/pear/temp/pear-build-...

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Asked 5 months 3 weeks ago

Spatial Views and JQUERY

Dear Members,

I try to use jQuery.getJSON() or jQuery.get() in order to get spatial view from my couchbase database but It does not work.

URL used in get() function :

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Asked 6 months 2 weeks ago

$persist_to and $replicate_to

We're replacing our memcached client with the couchbase php client.

We are currently using moxi (locally on each web server).

The $persist_to and $replicate_to parameters on some of the methods default to 0 and I am trying to find out what the default moxi behaviour is for this. I...

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Asked 7 months 3 weeks ago
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PHP 5.2 support ?

I want to test Couchbase in my web application.
But I failed to install PHP API on my server.
The error message is shown below:

# /usr/local/bin/pecl install couchbase
Did not download optional dependencies: pecl/igbinary, use --alldeps to download automatically