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Asked 3 months 3 weeks ago

Node.js, Sync Gateway, CBL: best way to transfer small files


I'm trying to transfer some image files of thumbnails (one per CB document) to the iOS app that I'm writing.

I'm entering documents into my main bucket using the Node.js API, and the data gets synced to the iOS devices using the CB Sync Gateway and CBL.

I've seen that...

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Asked 3 months 3 weeks ago
Latest activity 3 months 3 weeks ago

Timeout errors

I'm trying to connect to a remote couchbase server, the connection callback fires ok. But if i try to get a key i get a [Error: Operation timed out] code: 23 error and if i try to query a view i get a...

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Asked 4 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 4 months 3 days ago

serialising/deserialising CAS

I'm noticing that I have to use the exact cas object returned from a "get" operation as the cas option in a subsequent "set" operation. If I make a copy of the cas object e.g. cas = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(cas)) then the "set" call fails with keyAlreadyExists.

So the question is, how...

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Asked 4 months 3 weeks ago
Latest activity 4 months 1 week ago

Cannot make couchbase node.js SDK working under CenOS 6.5

Cannot make couchbase node.js client working under CenOS 6.5.

Here is the error when I start my nodejs process:

throw new Error('Failed to locate couchnode native binding');
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Asked 4 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 4 months 2 days ago

problem Node.js couchbase sdk

I am having problems running Node.js couchbase. I have
built libcouchbase C library but for reason it can find it.

throw new Error('Failed to locate couchnode native binding');

I am...

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Asked 5 months 7 hours ago

Issue with Paginator

Sorry, this is a rushed description but:

If a view is created with default options that exclude a "limit", and the view subsequently invokes firstPage() with the "limit" specified as a query parameter, then the returned paginator fails when calling next().

It seems that it's making...

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Asked 5 months 6 days ago

Is accessing memcached bucket slower than direct memory array read/write?

I have a nodejs project needs to store/read temporary data.
Somebody suggest me use memcached bucket.
As I know couchbase server always separate from application server.
Just wonder if memcached bucket is in another physical server, nodejs app access memcached bucket via...

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Asked 5 months 6 days ago

Getting Most Updated/Reliable Data Back From A View

I am looking for best practices for getting updated and reliable data back from a view. I have read a bit about the stale parameter and I understand that sending stale=false will force a reindex prior to returning the results - however it is clear there is a performance hit for this. (...

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Asked 5 months 6 days ago

GetMulti returns null

I am using couchbase version 2.2.0 community edition and couchbase nodejs client lib version 1.2.1

I have created a view that returns all the documents of type 'Brand'

Here is my view code :

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Asked 5 months 1 week ago

node process do not exit until connection shutdown

Hi Couchbase,

running the following code with node.js never exits.

var Couchbase = require('couchbase');
var connection = new Couchbase.Connection({bucket: "default"}, function(err){