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Asked 4 months 4 weeks ago

Strange behavior with paginated query.

I get a strange behavior with paginated query. While I paginate on the result set, I get duplicates of some documents. I'm doing the following in my code:

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Asked 5 months 2 days ago
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Log4j appender for couchbase


I"m looking for Couchbase implementation of log4j appender similar to the org.log4mongo.MongoDbAppender, so I will switch easily from The MongoDB to the Couchbase.


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Asked 5 months 1 week ago
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How to use couchbase to do the fuzzy query?


How to use couchbase to do the fuzzy query? Could friends teach me?

Just like this:

SELECT field FROM table WHERE value like "%searchterm%";

The “searchterm” is variable。 How to achieve the same effect with couchbase?...'s picture
Asked 5 months 2 weeks ago

Using couchbase java client within Netty 4.X server


We are using Netty server 4.0.5 and would like to use couchbase java client to connect to couchbase server. My problem is that the couchbase java client (1.3.2) is using netty 3.5.5. So in the same java project we will need to use netty 4.0.5 for the server and netty 3.5.5 for...

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Asked 5 months 2 weeks ago
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Unable to retrieve the value put by one client from a different client connection/session


I am using the java client: couchbase-client-1.0.3.jar

Using com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseClient I am creating the connection to the Couchbase Server. When I put and get a value within the same connection, I am able to retrieve the value from the Couchbase Server, but from a...

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Asked 5 months 3 weeks ago

Connection management


Is there any best practice for connection management for couchbase connections? If one of the nodes in the cluster died, how the client get notified and start dipatching requests to other nodes? Also how does data that was in the died server start return from other nodes?


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Asked 5 months 3 weeks ago
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New documents are not being inserted

We're new to Couchbase in our organization, and we encountered a weird issue.
When trying to set multiple rows through the following code:

This is how our "set" method looks like at the moment:
public void setCampaign(Campaign camp){

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Asked 6 months 2 days ago
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While crawling NullPointerException appeared for testing the Java code.

I wrote a program to crawl a website. But when I am testing it with coutchbase it is throwing the following error:

13:03:12.561 [] DEBUG com.crayondata.ce.Crawler$ - Fetching request: Request(...

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Asked 6 months 4 days ago
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Why Grails is Best Java Web Frameworks

Grails as we know is a best application development framework in Java Language. Designed and developed by Graeme Rocher in 2005, Grails framework has given a new hope to most of Java developers with a best platform to work on.

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Asked 6 months 6 days ago

Android DB creation time


I am trying the new beta SDK. I am following this tutorial which is the current one -

I was trying to insert...