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Asked 1 month 4 weeks ago
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Error GetView in C# .NET beer-sample

Follow Example at :

I have a View: beer/by_country of beer-sample bucket:...

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Asked 2 months 2 weeks ago
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Couchbase view index update hanging after adding file over ~1.4mb

I'm using the latest Couchbase .Net SDK and I'm having problems with larger JSON-documents (over 1.4mb) in views.

In the case these documents were there when the design doc was added, the large files are just not shown in the view results (amount of documents given by view is smaller than...

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Asked 4 months 4 weeks ago
Latest activity 4 months 3 weeks ago

GetView with C# client and millions of rows of data

i'm actually submitting a following up question to a previous thread. i'm executing a GetView with millions of rows. I know the data is there, i can query it on the cb admin console.
but when i run my C# command it doesn't return anything, but steps through the line immediately....

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Asked 4 months 4 weeks ago
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GetView not working for me using C# client

Morning All,

New to the forum and looking fwd to sharing my cb experience and wonderment.

i'm working on a couchbase app here as a proof-of-concept for some projects i would like to do.
So far things have gone quite well but there was a bit of learning curve for me...

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Asked 11 months 3 weeks ago
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.NET SDK client.GetView("str1", "str2") return no result


I use client.GetView() to view the data. However, GetView() doesn't return any result.

This is my code:
var view = client.GetView("beer", "by_name").Stale(StaleMode.False);

Any suggestions?