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Asked 2 weeks 3 days ago

Its taking more than 1 min for Couchbase node to detect Peer couchbase node is down!


There are 2 nodes in a cluster.
1)Shutdown Node1
2)Node2 is taking more than 1 min to detect that Node1 is down and mark it unhealthy

Is there any parameter which we can set to reduce the time to detect failure.?

Note: This is only in case of a shutdown/...

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Asked 2 weeks 5 days ago

CouchBase Client Fails to Cache Object less than 20mb. Time Out Error

I am caching my serialized POJO s(4mb-8mb size objects) concurrently into Couchbase server with CouchBase client (couchbase-client-1.4.3).

for(upto 20 itertarions){  
    new Thread().start().. //this
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Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago

can not log in - 3.0 beta

hey i just created a account for Jira and i can not log in,
i can log in into couchbase but using the same credentials on jira it does not allow me in.
my email is

can you check that for me please.

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Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago

Replication Fails with auto-failover?

couchbase server 2.2, java 1.4 client.

I have a 3 node cluster, and my test bucket has replication.ONE. I kill one of those, and call:
client.set(key,json, ReplicateTo.ONE);

This will fail ~%50 of the time with the following error:
Currently, there is no replica node...

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Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago

getView() fails if 1 node is offline?

(sing couchbase 2.2, java sdk 1.4.)

Hi all, I have 3 node cluster, a bucket with replication ONE.

When I startup my CouchbaseClient(), it is able to start with the one node offline.
however the first thing I do after that is getView() spins for a bit.then finally throws...

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Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago

couchbase shutdown/startup/status? (cli)

I've been trying to figure out how to start/stop couchbase server (2.2) properly usingthe commandline (linux)...any pointers? (I'm not seeing anything in the cli docs for this).

I've tried killing the processes (-4), which works..but then I can never get server started again (using bin/...

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Asked 3 weeks 1 hour ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 6 days ago

couchbase reads? (from master vs server)

Lets say we have 1 cluster with 4 nodes, 2 nodes in US, and 2 nodes in the Europe.

we have replication for the bucket set to 2 (so this means 3 nodes will have the same document, after replication).

My question is..

When a read request comes into the cluster, will it:

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Asked 3 weeks 18 hours ago

Why Couchbase Erlang Service In 32 bit ?


we are using couchbase server 2.2 with windows 2012 OS - 64 bit.
I can see now that memcache process (memcached.exe) is running under 64 bit installation but Erlang process (erl.exe) is running 32 bit and i am not getting why it is running under 32 bit.

Would it not...

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Asked 3 weeks 2 days ago

3 Node cluster reporting extra nodes to clients

Just wondering if others have seen this before. I have a number of 3 node clusters in test/dev environments which have undergone a lot of configuration changes over the last month.
The issue I now see is that some of these clusters are now reporting extra server nodes to the clients. The...

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Asked 3 weeks 3 days ago

Use of couchbase with ram file system

We're using couchbase with drupal as a more robust replacement for memcache. Couchbase version 2.2.0 running on debian wheezy servers.

We'd like to turn persistent storage off, but that's not an option with couchbase buckets, and couchbase buckets are required for redundancy.