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Asked 9 months 4 weeks ago
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couchbase getwithlock

I have aquestion regarding locking in couchbase.
In our application we have a service which is continuously processing documents from couchbase based on a status field in the document which is also indexed using the views. we are currently fetching each document with a waiting...

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Asked 10 months 9 hours ago
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Check and Set

I wrote an application using version 2.0 and node.js couchbase library using the 2.0 c library. In that application I would use the SET command to save the results to the bucket and when viewing the document it would look something like this:

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Asked 10 months 3 weeks ago
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CAS with non-existent key giving OK vs NOT_FOUND

If I submit a cas with a non-existent key I would expect to receive CASResponse.NOT_FOUND but am receiving CASResponse.OK instead. Is this a bug? The use case is a test we created for a cas operation on either a non-existent key or a key that has expired from the cache.

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