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Asked 7 months 3 weeks ago
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couchbase and sync using ssl


I have sync_gateway and couchbase running on amazon AWS. How can I get set up to use SSL with couchbase and sync_gateway? I'm currently running couchbase on port 8091 and gateway on 4984.

I read here (...

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Asked 8 months 1 week ago
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How to hit the sync url included with the AMI for Amazon

I recently downloaded and ran the pre-built couch base server + sync gateway on ec2.
I have the server running and I can hit it at port 8091. I see in the home directory a I unzipped it and ran ./sync_gateway ~/config.json. The ports are set for the default gateway ports...

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Asked 1 year 5 months ago
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What recommendations do you have on EC2 instances?

I'm curious as to what EC2 instance would be recommended to run a single Couchbase node. This isn't for production use, but rather some simple map-reduce computation of ~3M records.

The two EC2 instance sizes that I'm debating between are:

1) Extra Large (m1.xlarge), 4 virtual...