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Asked 10 months 9 hours ago
Latest activity 8 months 2 weeks ago

change data directory for single-node cluster

I need to move my data files to another drive because I'm running out of space. The instructions for changing data directory do not work in this case because it is a single-node cluster and cannot be removed from the cluster. Can I just change the directories in runtime.ini and copy the files to...

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Asked 10 months 12 hours ago
Latest activity 7 months 4 weeks ago

Couchbase cbrestore screws up internal state

I have Couchbase installed in multiple environments and need to move the database data between these states frequently. I use the command line tools to do backups and restores (cbbackup, cbrestore) and when doing this between my two OSX machines this seems to work. However, when i try and...

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Asked 10 months 14 hours ago
Latest activity 8 months 2 days ago

Server down causes java.lang.StackOverflowError after failover

Running a system with 4 servers nodes.

Java application using spymemcached-2.10.2 and couchbase-client-1.2.2

We see following problem:
1. We force one node down
2. We can see some "OperationTimeoutException" in our java application
3. After 30s Auto-Failover kicks...

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Asked 10 months 1 day ago
Latest activity 10 months 12 hours ago

getMulti on Node.js Error


We're starting to work with Couchbase and I' having problem with the call getMulti, every time I call the method I have a fatal error "Error: Missing callback" and here is my call code:

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Asked 10 months 1 day ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 7 hours ago

Does N1QL support AND's

Does N1QL support a query like so:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE category = 'Cars' AND visibility = 'EVERYONE' ORDER BY created

Will created sort on dates? I know with views getting posts that only contain specific category and visibility text is not possible, but wondering if N1QL...

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Asked 10 months 2 days ago

startkey_docid with complex key

The call below with the matching result set returns a result that does not start with the doc id a4a6cf44-8a82-494a-a2b9-f6a3ec629f17. As the result set below demonstrates the top 3 keys are identical, but startkey_docid has no effect.

Just a couple questions around this

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Asked 10 months 2 days ago

View never updates

We have a group of processes that update couchbase document. Each processes runs in python under supervisord, two are daily crons. For each process we are using the stale=update_after flag in our views because stale=false was causing a ton of load on our servers (6 of these processes run every...

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Asked 10 months 2 days ago
Latest activity 10 months 2 days ago

Is there any easy way to implement a read-through and write-behind cache?

I did not find any information on the Internet or in the Couchbase documentation about read-through and write-behind caches, but they were mentioned in the User Panel "Using NoSQL to Replace a Caching Tier" (

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Asked 10 months 2 days ago
Latest activity 10 months 1 day ago

Limitation of the reduce function.

I develop a web analytics service ( based on Couchbase. One of the problems I encountered this is limitation of reduce function.

reason: error (Reduction too large (66762 bytes))

I need to get a structure where...

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Asked 10 months 2 days ago
Latest activity 6 months 2 weeks ago

CouchbaseClient.Get(...) Returns no data

FYI, I posted this question earlier and then tried to edit the question with a code sample and additional information. When I tried to update the post, I got an error that said access denied and now it looks like the original has disappeared. Just a disclaimer if the original comes back....