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Asked 6 days 17 hours ago
Latest activity 5 days 16 hours ago

N1QL Golang

It is possible use N1QL with the Golang SDK?

P.D.: out of curiosity, when will release final version?



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Asked 1 week 10 hours ago
Latest activity 21 hours 47 min ago

How to keep datas after uninstallation

Fow example

I installed couchbase by rpm,version is 2.2.0

create Bucket and save datas to this bucket

after that,I want to uninstall it and install 2.2.1 or 2.1.0

after installation,will data be still there?

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Asked 1 week 20 hours ago
Latest activity 3 days 6 hours ago

How to count uniques with view?

So say I have the following documents

{"acct":"123456","name":"John Smith"}
{"acct":"123456","name":"John Smith"}
{"acct":"123457","name":"Jane Doe"}

function(doc) {
emit (doc.acct, 1)


This view will return 3...

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Asked 1 week 22 hours ago
Latest activity 6 days 5 hours ago

View Query with Keys Not Fully Reduced

Accessing a view through the Ruby client, but this issue does show up through the console. The query is against a two node deployment using 2.2.0 enterprise, build 821.

When I query requesting grouping and *no* keys parameter, I receive a fully reduced set of results. For example, a...

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Asked 1 week 23 hours ago
Latest activity 10 hours 2 min ago

Data loss with 2.5.1

We definitly have some percent of data loss, and not random, only for certain keys, and we having observer calls, so maybe it is problems with some vbuckets. I even have missing document _id's.

What is the proper way to debug such bugs, to understand if data not get written to disk from...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
Latest activity 6 days 5 hours ago

erl.exe causing restarts

We are noticing that couchbase server (on windows) is using increasing amounts of CPU before crashing and restarting.
The process that seems to be most problematic is erl.exe.
We could throw more servers at the problem but would like to know if we are just hiding a fundamental...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
Latest activity 6 days 5 hours ago

OSGI bundle for couchbase client

Do we have OSGI bundle for couchbase-client. Checked in repository and found the jar.
If available where can i find the bundle?

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
Latest activity 5 days 4 hours ago

Cannot make couchbase node.js SDK working under CenOS 6.5

Cannot make couchbase node.js client working under CenOS 6.5.

Here is the error when I start my nodejs process:

throw new Error('Failed to locate couchnode native binding');
Error: Failed...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
Latest activity 6 days 5 hours ago

Push replication stops working


We have a CBlite Beta Plugin for Android Phonegap project running ok and replicating in pull and push mode in continuous mode. When a modification is made on the mobile database it is correctly pushed on the server.

Surprisingly, when the app is stopped and when we restart...

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Asked 1 week 1 day ago
Latest activity 6 days 5 hours ago

Memcached Error 11 ERROR was returned by server received on get

Our PHP application has been running with Membase for several years connecting via the PHP Memcached Extension. We also have one instance of our application running on Couchbase 2.2.0. We have just installed a new server and we are testing our PHP application with Couchbase 2.5.0, PHP...