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Asked 4 weeks 1 day ago

Why there are lots of reading operations to disk when load data using YCSB

I'm a fresh man to Couchbase. I have a question. When I tested the Couchbase using YCSB, I found a phenomenon. At the loading step, there was no reading operations of the disk at the beginning, however, there were lots of reading operations as the loading went on. Why there were so many reading...

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Asked 4 weeks 1 day ago

Why are there 32bit builds when the minimum requirements are 4GB of memory?

The requirements are a little broad. Obviously, the recommended is 16GB of memory but the minimum can be 4GB and the site says that even for testing 1GB could work.

Then, on the download page I see that most OS builds have a 32bit build.

Would that be just for these "test"...

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Asked 4 weeks 1 day ago
Latest activity 3 weeks 3 days ago

key dump - buckets 101

PHP API - how to fetch key-dump from memcached buckets?

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Asked 1 month 15 hours ago
Latest activity 4 weeks 1 day ago

Binding Couchbase data to c# DataGridView

I can't find any information about binding Couchbase data to c# DataGridView (WinForms).
Can someone provide a sample code or link to material describing the solution of the problem?

I hope the meaning of the question is clear, English is not my native language....

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Asked 1 month 21 hours ago
Latest activity 1 month 18 hours ago

AutoScaling on AWS

I am looking to deploy couchbase as a memcache replacement on AWS.
We are expecting sudden spikes in traffic and hence would like to deploy these machines using an AWS autoScale group.

This comes with a few problems

1. Since machines can go up and down,what IP...

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 month 1 day ago

GetView returns null IViewRow objects

Hi there,
I'm just learning the Couchbase .NET SDKs and I'm trying to query a view.
I've created (using some online examples) the by_name view on the beer-sample bucket:

function (doc, meta) {
if (doc.type && doc.type == "beer" &&

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Asked 1 month 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 month 1 day ago

Increment operation error: Failed to increment value in the server: Not a number

Couchbase Server 2.5.0
PHP SDK version 1.2

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Asked 1 month 2 days ago

Constant CPU Usage on a fresh install on Mac OS X 10.9


Today I try to run Counchbase Server 2.2 on my Mac Book Air with Mac OS X 10.9.
I import two sample buckets (beers and gamesim).

And for a long time I don't have any interactions with the server (meaning get/set any documents). The server constantly cost around 10% CPU....

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Asked 1 month 2 days ago

sqoop export error help!

sqoop error help!!!!

[root@Couchbase01 bin]# sqoop export -connect http://localhost:8091/pools --table data --export-dir data
Warning: /usr/lib/hbase does not exist! HBase imports will fail.
Please set $HBASE_HOME to the root...

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Asked 1 month 2 days ago
Latest activity 1 month 1 day ago

Can't Read or Write from/to default bucket since Couchbase Server update

A little while back I updated our two Couchbase servers installed on CentOS machines from 2.0 to 2.2.0 Enterprise Edition (build-821-rel), and now I've just realised that any attempt to read or write from/to the "default" bucket fails (tried this from both the Enyim.Caching v2.8.0.0 .NET client...