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Asked 2 hours 15 min ago

Anyone know of a persistent connection issue with 2.5.1?

Anyone know of a persistent connection issue with 2.5.1? At startup with no apps connected to it couchbase shows over 9k connections. netstat shows they're all internal connections with TIME_WAIT status. After multiple physical server reboots, same result.


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Asked 10 hours 4 min ago

Very strange behavior of using couchbase cluster credential to call couchbase REST API

I have an installation of community server version 2.2.0-build 837 on an AWS machine. Everything works fine until last week AWS patch the Linux VM (CentOS 6.5 64 bits) and restart the machine. After that, this strange thing happened:
I can login use my admin username/password into the...

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Asked 2 days 5 hours ago

Can N1QL work with the new Couchbase 3 bata

I am been trying to run some test using Couchbase server 3 and N1QL however i am getting this message
"error": {
"caller": "view_index:200",
"code": 5000,
"key": "Internal Error",
"message": "Bucket xxxxxx not found."

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Asked 2 days 16 hours ago

Copy Data


I wish to copy the data from IT Environment to my local environment.

Please comment.


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Asked 3 days 6 hours ago

rebalance web request failed

i have six nodes to create a cluster, i use web console to rebalance the cluster, and it show me web request failed error ; the log content is :

Server error during processing: ["web request failed",

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Asked 4 days 22 hours ago

Man pages missing from libcouchbase

I installed libcouchbase using Ubuntu repository for 14.04 but man pages are missing. man libcouchbase says man page not found.

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Asked 5 days 20 hours ago

Configuring number of reader/writer threads by cli

Hi folks,

I'm trying to create a new couchbase bucket by the commandline tool couchbase-cli.

Unfortunately I can't find the right paramter to specify the number of reader/writer threads.

I know that you can specify this with the REST API by the parameter "threadsNumber"...

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Asked 5 days 23 hours ago

couchbase 2.5.1 console is not working

Hi ,

As part of evaluation , we have tried fresh installation of 2.5.1. Installation complete successfully but couchbase console is not working. If you have any work around, let me know.

OS: windows7(64bit)


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Asked 6 days 53 min ago

Couchbase rebalance errors

We are testing Couchbase and pretty frequently we‘re getting errors during rebalance.

We are having three nodes in cluster, they are hosted in Windows Azure. They are running on machines with 2 cores and 3.5 GB memory under Ubuntu 12.04. They are configured to have separate disks for...

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Asked 6 days 10 hours ago
Latest activity 18 hours 53 min ago

Creating view via pipe to Python script

Hello. Please pardon me if it seems like I'm really new at Python and Couchbase. It's because I am. So, there's a good chance I'm missing something obvious.

I've been going through a series of exercises, performing some basic tasks in Python via the Couchbase API. So, I set a value,...