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Asked 9 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 1 hour 5 min ago

Does N1QL support AND's

Does N1QL support a query like so:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE category = 'Cars' AND visibility = 'EVERYONE' ORDER BY created

Will created sort on dates? I know with views getting posts that only contain specific category and visibility text is not possible, but wondering if N1QL...

jonathonl's picture
Asked 7 months 3 days ago
Latest activity 1 hour 20 min ago

How does N1QL handle the stale parameter?

1. Does N1QL use "stale=ok" for queries that use created indexes?

2. Is there an issue with stale documents for buckets that have no indexes created on them? In other words, if a primary index is not created and "SELECT * FROM default" is called, is it possible for the result from the...

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Asked 17 hours 4 min ago

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Asked 2 days 5 hours ago

Why does the Uninstall look for CouchBase Server.msi under Users/AppData/Local/Temp instead of Admin

Today I was trying to update the Couchbase server on one of our Windows Server 2008 R2 and while I started the update it kept failing as it was trying to access a folder from an old users Temp files and that temp file was deleted.

It looked to weired to me as anything this important was...

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Asked 2 days 11 hours ago
Latest activity 2 days 10 hours ago

Namespaces support (buckets???)

Is it possible to:

1. Remove all objects in Namespace
2. Get keys for objects in Namespace
3. Get number of stored objects in Namespace

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Asked 2 days 11 hours ago

Can we rely on cache event notification?

Can we rely on cache event notification e.g. do smth in external system, register/de-register?

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Asked 2 days 15 hours ago

Unable to connect to CB server from virtual linux machine

CB Server: 2.5.0 enterprise edition (build-1059)
CB Java SDK: 1.2.3
i have checked on host machine following ports are open.
8091, 8092, 11211, 11210, 11209

I am developing hadoop map reduce job and trying to insert from reducer. currently i am just trying to insert 2...

kelvin's picture
Asked 2 days 18 hours ago

memcached SASL Authentication Security Bypass

Dear all,

We are using Couchbase Server 2.2.0 (build 837). We know that memcached is one of the component in Couchbase server and we receive a report from Nessus said that memcached lower than 1.4.17 has a SASL authentication security bypass vulnerability. May I know do Couchbase...

obierlaire's picture
Asked 2 days 19 hours ago

Custome type for Elasticsearch

I'm using XDCR replication to sync the data between CB and Elasticsearch, using the couchbase transport plugin for Elasticsearch.
As far as i understand, all documents in Couchbase will come with the type "couchbaseDocument". But I have different documents types with a specific...

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Asked 2 days 19 hours ago

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