Querying views

Hello everyone,
I have setup couchbase, created a bucket and created a view:
The view is not empty and has 3 records. However:

>>> from couchbase import Couchbase
>>> cb = Couchbase.connect(username="", password="123", bucket='python')
>>> cb.query("dev_by_id", "dev_by_id")
What am I doing wrong here?

Can you do other SDK functions like GET() and SET()?
In the example above there is no ipaddress or hostnames for couchbase servers.

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The problem is probably that you're using the dev_ version of the view and you have only three records. Publish the design document to the full dataset, then query that non "dev_" version of the view.

See the Couchbase Server manual for more info: http://docs.couchbase.com/couchbase-manual-2.2/#development-and-producti...