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Asked 2 weeks 1 day ago
Latest activity 1 hour 17 min ago

How to properly restore Couchbase backup to another server?

I have Couchbase single-node-cluster A and B. Both have the same configuration. Except "A" has NO buckets, whereas "B" has 3 buckets with documents in each.

I use cbbackup to back up all buckets in "B".

How do I properly restore this backup to "A"? From the docs on cbrestore,...

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Asked 2 days 16 hours ago
Latest activity 1 hour 19 min ago

Phonegap TodoLite Project creation error.

Hi, I am trying to create the TodoLite example project. I am always getting the error "Couchbase Lite not installed" and the porject does not seem to work later.

Please suggest what would have gone wrong.
I have followed all the steps as per the "...

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Asked 6 days 14 hours ago
Latest activity 1 hour 41 min ago

How to keep datas after uninstallation

Fow example

I installed couchbase by rpm,version is 2.2.0

create Bucket and save datas to this bucket

after that,I want to uninstall it and install 2.2.1 or 2.1.0

after installation,will data be still there?

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Asked 19 hours 41 min ago
Latest activity 1 hour 54 min ago

Connection pool to connect to multiple buckets


I am new to couchbase and We are in process of evaluating couchbase.

I have few questions. Appreciate response.
1) How can I maintain multiple connections at a time?
My use case is , I have multiple virtual buckets and I need to connect to corresponding...

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Asked 22 hours 27 min ago
Latest activity 2 hours 8 min ago

Better way to split a string?

I have a document element that looks like this ...

"ip": ""

I need to be able to get each 'octet' out of that value (split it on the '.') I can get the first portion with a case statement:

substr(ws.ip, 1, 1) == '.'

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Asked 9 hours 4 min ago

Importing data from couchbase to hadoop using connector

I am using the couchbase hadoop connector plugin to import data from couchbase to hadoop. Unfortunately, the values imported appear as byte array references instead of the actual byte array I was expecting. So, for example, the data output to hadoop appears as follows:


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Asked 17 hours 27 min ago
Latest activity 5 hours 41 min ago

How to get the session cookie after persona authentication


I read this about using persona with couchbase:

Clients log in by sending a POST request to /dbname/_persona. The request body is a JSON document that contains an assertion property whose value is the signed assertion received from the identity provider. Just as with a _session...

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Asked 20 hours 11 min ago
Latest activity 5 hours 50 min ago

Wrong user exception not thrown in client code.

I'm using authorization in my couchbase config.

In my config.json, my sync function says this:

if (oldDoc) {

This does indeed stop un authorized users from...

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Asked 23 hours 15 min ago
Latest activity 5 hours 37 min ago

Trouble with authorization in sync function

I'm having some trouble adding some authorization into our couchbase mobile app. Can you offer any help or insight?

I'm running this on an amazon ec2 instance so the couchbase version may be a little older than current.

I'm using persona to authenticate. I successfully...

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Asked 1 day 4 hours ago
Latest activity 12 hours 49 min ago

Error after updating libcouchbase from 2.2 to 2.3

After updating design_docs query shows error:

Couchbase::Error::Invalid: failed to schedule document request (key="/pools/default/buckets/