Creating a Cluster


if i have four laptops running windows 7 operating system, there is a wireless network within, do i still need to install Couchbase server on all the system to form a clauster/distribution to test the scalabily of Couchbase runing my query program? At what point are the username/password required by the Couchbase server2.0 when adding nodes when form the cluster?


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How about the username/password that will be requested along with IP address when adding server node on a cauchbase server administrator interface. At what point were those password created?

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Yes you need to install Couchbase on each node of your cluster, but you configure the "cluster" on a single node.

Once you have install all the nodes and configure the cluster on 1 node you can "add" all the other nodes to the cluster. You can do it either from a configured node or from a new node.

During this phase you will have to enter the Administrator username and password.

Here some interesting pointers about Cluster creation and configuration:

1- Create the cluster:
UI :

2- Add node to the cluster:
UI : Click on Server Tabs and click on the "Add Node" button

PS: You are talking about setting up a cluster over a Wifi network, this is OK for development/testing but for production it is always better to have fast and reliable network, so better with cable/fiber.