Couchbase Questions: .NET SDK

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Asked 9 hours 7 min ago

Session state during failover

I was doing some testing with the couchbase iis session replacement. I'm using the standard repo ( and I have a test site using couchbase. I was testing the failover with 3 nodes,...

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Asked 21 hours 35 min ago

Couchbase - Memcached bucket maximum connection

Can I know what is the maximum connection allowed by Couchbase 2.2 for single memcached bucket? How can I check it and modify it?

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Asked 1 day 3 hours ago

.NET Startkey And EndKey...Error


I try to search for the date range ...

View, the problem is not

But .NET Source problem...

Did you ever met this syntax is wrong?

var GetView = _DBCon.GetView("Test2", "Count", true).Stale(StaleMode.False).StartKey("[2014,4,21,0,0,0]").EndKey("[2014,4,21,...

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Asked 2 days 2 hours ago
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Deserializing an Array of Complex Types

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for all the help but I have another question for you. I have two .net classes:

public class User
        public string id { get; set
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Asked 5 days 13 hours ago
Latest activity 5 days 10 hours ago

.Net Client GetView not working

Hello All,

I am running couchbase on windows 7 and have created my first view. The details are as follows:

Map Function:

function (doc, meta) {
  if (doc.type && doc.type == "
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Asked 1 week 6 days ago
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Heartbeat exception

Can I know what are potential causes of below exception? Why is heartbeat using in couchbase?

HB: Node 'http://xxxxxx:8091/pools' is not available.
System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: The request was canceled.

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Asked 2 weeks 2 days ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 2 days ago

Couchbase .Net client

WHen in queryiing views with multiple keys, sometimes an error can occur where the query string is too long. For this - we can use the post body option in the Ruby SDK for instance

Is there an equivalant for this in the .Net SDK (I can not find any documentation for this)


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Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago
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how ı use couchbase on .NET project?

ı want to use couchbase on .Net but ı dont pull data and get data on .net project .Can you help me on this topic?

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Asked 3 weeks 1 day ago
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Intermittent "Failed to read from the socket"

I am using Couchbase 2.2.0 as a custom provider for ASP.Net Session State. Intermittently there are some error happen in server. Some users experienced lost of session due to unable to retrieve session from Couchbase. Below are the error log captured. Hopefully someone can point out how to solve...

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Asked 3 weeks 3 days ago
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.NET SDK, GetView() returns collection of Nothing's

Created a simple view to just get a list of all keys. It's in production and works fine from the server console: