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Hi Guys - We're really starting to use N1QL. We're working under the assumption that production support will come soon - is that the case, and if so when will it be?

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Hi there,

As you can imagine, we don't want to make product announcements in this forum. Here's a general outline: we have separate goals and benchmarks for the Developer Previews and the Beta / Production Releases.

If the developer preview meets your production needs for functionality and performance, you are welcome to deploy it, with a few considerations:
- it is not formally supported
- the syntax and behavior may evolve
- we will fix significant bugs in the developer preview
- the production release may initially provide a subset / superset / intersection of preview functionality, based on production considerations (design, performance, rollout schedule, etc.)
- we have not yet offered a specific timeline for production release

Please let us know if you need more info or fixes as you proceed. Thanks.

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We are excited to hear about your interest and would love to hear more about your use-cases. Feel free to contact us with any other questions as well.

Along with query, we are also investigating the appropriate back-end support in terms of indexing so we have robust support for production environment when we do that. We will keep you posted.