view query keys size limit


We make pretty heavy use of views and in particular the multi-get form of query:


It looks like this is very length limited, so that we can only supply from 50-100 keys, depending on the length of the keys supplied. The limitation must be on the query side, as a query with no keys parameter can pull down millions of documents with no problem. Is this a limitation that can be configured or altered in any way? Is there an alternative way to make this kind of query that get's around this limitation?


2 Answers

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Version 1.1.0 has been released. This should fix this issue

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Other than digging into the internal low level '_http_request' method, this is broken in 1.0.0.

There's a bug and an associated fix related for this, see:

This fix should make its way in 1.1.0 which will be released soon.